Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pin It And Do It - February Challenge

Thanks, Trish (Love, Laughter & A Touch of Insanity) for hosting another Pin It And Do It challenge in February. I'll admit I've been taking something of the easy way out this round (more viewing than doing) but these challenges are always a good reminder to review what I've pinned. In addition to the movies I watched this month, I also read three books that I'd pinned (The Painted Girls, Half The Sky, and Midnight In Peking).

I finally remembered to check out some of the cleaning ideas I've pinned and found that an idea for cleaning stainless steel using cream of tartar works really well (although it is a bit messy). I haven't linked the picture because the blog site has changed but it's just 1 tablespoon of cream of tartar to a few drops of water and scrub. Very effective without scratching.

Inspired by what was on sale at the grocery store this week and what I had on hand, we decided to have a Tex-Mex dinner to celebrate Miss H's 18th birthday this weekend. Squeezing in just at the last minute, I used a pin to make homemade taco seasoning.

Homemade Taco Seasoning

Taking inspiration from all of the crockpot ideas I've seen on Pinterest, I kicked off March by making the taco meat in the crockpot using the homemade seasoning. So easy, so tasty and you get that finely chopped texture that works better in tacos.

Although I would probably be excused for not actually "doing" much, as the month drew to a close and I was looking at what I might still do, I did get fired up to start actually organizing, painting, and crafting again. Bring on March, I'm ready to go!


  1. Wonder if purchasing books from my pinned tbr wish list actually counts as 'doing'...

    I'm going to try the cream of tarter/water mixture on my stainless steel tea kettle - today!

  2. Being inspired is surely as important if it means you'll do extra next month :) I'll have to remember the cleaning advice, not scratching the steel sounds great.

  3. I've done chili in the slow cooker. It definitely changes the texture of the meat. I can see how that would be perfect for tacos.

    I love the cleaning pins. I've used quite a few and have found them so helpful.

  4. I always seem to feel more energized towards Pinterest once the challenge is over. Thinking about looking for some Easter things that I can make for around the house since the Christmas stuff is all put away and I didn't do anything for Valentine's. Great idea for the cream of tartar! Now if I could find something for the hard water deposits around my kitchen faucet.