Thursday, March 7, 2013


My friend Mari (The Partyka Project) has been working on The 100 Day Happiness Project. When she saw this picture I'd posted on a Pinterest Board, she contacted me right away to let me know that she was going to do this as a post and wanted to know if I'd be interested in doing it, too.

I've been working really hard the past few months to maintain a more positive attitude and this fits right in to remind me what I have to be positive about. Here's my list; I've lumped some things (I felt it would be cheating to put the names of all of my family members and friends!).

1. Family
My book club and my parents
2. Friends
3. Chocolate
4. Coffee
5. Gerbera daisies
6. Fresh cut grass
7. Fields of wildflowers
8. Beaches
9. Blue
10. Sunshine
11. My cats
12. Homemade ice cream with homemade chocolate syrup
13. Vanilla
14. Lavender
15. Books and everything about them
16. Movie theater popcorn
17. Being silly
18. My faith
19. Office supplies
20. Candles
21. The perfect pillow
22. Smiles
23. Laughter
24. My kids being friends
25. Having my house full of kids
26. A few hours of quiet
27. Being surrounded by the things my ancestors touched
28. Head massages
29. The perfect haircut
30. My favorite necklace
31. Refurbishing furniture
32. Musicals
33. Nebraska sports
34. NPR
35. Fluffy snowflakes
36. Lightening
37. Nebraska sunsets
38. Pouring rain
39. Chives
40. Homegrown tomatoes
41. Cheese
42. Newborn babies
43. Memories of my grandparents
44. High school football on a beautiful fall evening
45. Sitting around the firepit on a beautiful summer evening
46. Hugs
47. The internet
48. Organizing supplies
49. Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue
50. Walks in fall leaves
51. Daylight savings time
52. A perfectly clean room
53. The possibilities of a full pantry
54. A toasty warm house on a cold day
55. Watching my kids succeed
56. Resting my head on my husband's chest
57. Old wooden boxes
58. Frogs - NOT live ones!
59. Going bare-footed
60. Taking care of my family
61. Finding the perfect gift
62. Watching people open gifts from me
63. Music - in general
64. Johann Sebastian Bach in particular
65. Crossing things off my to-do list
66. Being in control
67. Learning
68. Playing the piano
69. Swimming pools
Le Bourgeois winery - Rocheport, Missouri
70. Sitting on a bluff over the Missouri River valley with a glass of wine
71. Flea markets
72. Turning up the music and dancing
73. Volunteering
74. Gardening
75. Blogging
76. A blank journal
77. Noodles
78. The afghan my mother-in-law made for my husband
79. The sound of mourning doves
80. Cookie dough
81. Breckenridge, Colorado in the summer
82. Champagne
83. That a-ha moment
84. My postcard collection
85. Fast boats
86. Truth
87. Rearranging furniture
88. Back rubs
89. White
Mini-him, Miss H, and Mini-me, circa 2012
90. A good day dream
91. Sarcasm
92. Movie nights
93. Inspiration
94. Girls' nights
95. Writing
96. TCM - old movies
97. Boudin's sourdough bread
98.Crawling into bed at night
99. Waking up and realizing it's Saturday
100. Finishing things

What would you put on your list?


  1. What a great list you have. I made one of these lists last year. It was a really valuable exercise for me- and I just enjoyed rereading my list again after reading your post- all those things are still very special to me. It's an important way to be grateful about the many good things in our life.

    Here's my list:

  2. That's a great list! I'll have to give this a try, but I know a few of the things that immediately come to mind are:

    Smiles from strangers

  3. I should do a similar post - your list made me happy and smile as well, especially when I saw ---- ". Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue", my new favorite as well.

  4. A lot of your list looks like the same thing that my list would look like. We have a lot of the same likes. I would have to say at the top of my list is the silence that comes when everyone is not home, and I am alone.

  5. What a great list--and idea! I could use more positive thinking in my life. I've started thinking of one or two things I'm grateful for each day and making note of them. Some days it's easier than others. Today I am grateful for my coworkers and jelly bellies.

  6. I love this idea. Today is also a day when I could really used something like this...funny how things like that happen, uh?!

    Many of the items on your list would be on mine...some exactly the same, such as newborn babies, Bach and swimming pools for example, some in variation, such as my homemade ice cream would have homemade buterscotch sauce :o).

    I'm going to work on my list!

  7. I'd have to put this post on my list! :-)

  8. You KNOW I love this cause it's so close to art journaling. You love sarcasm, too? It's an art form!

  9. Beautiful idea, Lisa. Such wonderful things on there. I love that you have coffee and champagne on there and of course books!

  10. Beautiful idea, Lisa. Such wonderful things on there. I love that you have coffee and champagne on there and of course books!

  11. I love the comments you have for this post! It looks like people read all 100, woohoo.

    Did you ever think you and I would have this special connection, that's lasted for so long? One of my fondest Omaha memories is our evening on my deck... and happy hour. OH... how about the first month your joined us for book club and we didn't discuss the book :)

    Hugs, Mari

  12. A few things I would list...

    my sons
    my family
    my cats
    my favorite tv shows

    It would take me forever to come with an entire list. Yours is great, by the way!

    Check your 'other' messages on Facebook. I just sent you one and I didn't want to pay a dollar to have it delivered to your main inbox (are they serious!?).

  13. I might have to do this. So much of what you listed made me feel all warm and snuggly.

  14. That project sounds awesome! And you made a great list!

  15. What a great list! Now I want to do this! And making it into a poster looks like it would be fun, too.

  16. Loving this list and the whole emotion behind it!!!

  17. Great list, Lisa! I just posted my 100 Things I Love a few minutes ago. After reading yours, I cannot believe I forgot lavender on my list!!!! I also love the sound of mourning doves.. so sad but soothing and peaceful at the same time, right? Gotta love cookie dough and NPR, too. :)