Sunday, June 10, 2018

Life: It Goes On - June 10

Oh my good lord, I hope it's not as hot where you are as it is here! I am avoiding the great outdoors as much as I possibly can the past few days except when the evenings are finally cool enough to spend some time on the patio. Or when we are at an outdoor wedding, as we were last evening. There was not a person there who was not sweating and/or waving a paper plate fan. About this time every year, I start to think "winter's not so bad; at least you can always add on more layers." Slap me if you hear me say that! I can never get warm in winter and I hate the short days!

Last Week I:

Listened To: I finished Heading Out To Wonderful (review next week) and started Special Topics In Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl. Like her book Night Film (my review), I suspect Pessl has loaded this book up with bonus materials: footnotes, images, etc. But I'm listening, not looking, and I'm starting to feel like I'm missing out on some of what makes the book interesting.

Watched: I finished season one of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, we watched an episode of Westworld (we may finally finish season one so we can move into the current season), and we watched a fair amount of the NBA finals. We don't watch a lot of NBA basketball so I don't know what fans think of having the same two teams play in the finals four years in a row; but I can't help but think it's not helping the game.

Read: I made quick work of a book about the Nebraska volleyball program, written by the coach, which I enjoyed (review this week) and I'm now reading Wiley Cash's latest, The Last Ballad. Having read Cash's first two books and the setting of this book, I have a feeling my heart will be broken before it's finished. I also finally finished Eats, Shoots and Leaves off my nightstand (review this week)!

Made: Not much. Pasta, salads, chicken salad made from a roasted chicken The Big Guy picked up at Costco. This week it's been all about quick food and as little use of the oven as possible.

The backdrop of the arch is hundreds of paper cranes and
they were also found in bowls on the tables and larger
cranes were given as favors. So neat!
Enjoyed: Watching a dear friend of the family get married. His parents live across the street from my parents and we consider them all family. The wedding was in his parents' back yard and their patio is big enough to have room for tables for dinner and a dance floor. It was great fun, even if we had to keep hugs to a minimum!

Also, bringing my dad home from the rehab facility on Thursday, two weeks after he had major back surgery. He is so happy to be home at last!

This Week I’m: 

Planning: BG bought a chain saw yesterday and will be cutting down a big pine tree in our back yard this week. It's going to leave a big area that will need to be filled in so I'm planning on what plants will be moved or brought to fill that area in, the possibility of making it a bird friendly zone, and, since we will be burying our kitty there (he loved to spend hours lounging under that tree where he could see all that was going on in the yard), some way to memorialize him there. Yep, I'm definitely much more affected by this cat's passing that I could possibly have expected to be.

Thinking About: How much yard work I should be doing and how much I don't want to go outside to do it.

Feeling: Sad to have missed a party with friends last night and a baby shower for my niece this morning but the wedding was scheduled first and had to be a priority.

Looking forward to: Dinner with a former coworker one evening and lunch with my best friend from my teen years on another day.

Question of the week: Do you have a bird bath in your yard? If so, is it more of a pain than it's worth, what with the constantly needing to keep it filled and the birds pooping all around it?


  1. I am enjoying the warmer weather, although it's best for sitting in the shade and feeling the breeze now and then. Being in the sun and being active . . . Not so much. LOL

    Eats, Shoots and Leaves is an oldy! It's been ages since I read that. I wonder if I still have a copy.

    I am sorry about your cat's passing. I am always hit hard by the loss of a pet. They really do become a part of my family. Our house has been full of giggles and laughter with the new kitten in our house. Best to wear socks though--she has sharp teeth.

    I hope you have a great week, Lisa!

  2. I can't believe it's already so hot in Nebraska! Isn't it only just barely June? I've got the Wiley Cash book on my Nook and will read it one of these days. I loved his earlier novels and just know this will be a winner. Yes, we have a bird bath in our yard, but it's Oregon so it's not hot and the water doesn't evaporate quickly. My hubby fills it a couple of times a week and the birds (and squirrels) love it -- for both drinking and bathing.

  3. WE have a bird bath but we resorted to turning the bowl over when the crows and ravens kept attacking the small animals in our yard (rabbits and squirrels). They'd flock to the water and then bully everyone around them. With the bowl turned, it still collects a tiny amount of water from the sprinklers, enough for the smaller birds but not enough for the larger birds. It's far enough away but because there are more birds there is always more bird poop too.

    I am worn out this week. I seriously need an overhaul. Two weeks in the theatre. Will we survive? We have plenty of times before but this time she has a real part with real makeup and needs to sing and all and last night she was coughing. I kid you not.

  4. Sounds like you had a good week, with some interesting books & a nice wedding! We have been wanting to try Westworld but don't get HBO - will have to check to see if it's streaming yet elsewhere.

    We've been the same here about yardwork - so much to do but not wanting to sweat to death in the humidity. It cooled down today, so maybe tomorrow...

    Hope you enjoy your books this week!


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