Monday, June 18, 2018

Life: It Goes On - June 18

It's Monday, not Sunday, and that will tell you everything you need to know about my weekend in a nutshell. It was a busy one but I've also been battling headaches, which is something I haven't had to contend with in a while (thanks, unsettled weather!).

We bought a new car this weekend (actually, an SUV but I'm not ever sure if that rightfully falls in the category of truck or car). The Big Guy did most of the work over the phone and the internet, we ran over lunch on Friday to pick out the exact vehicle we wanted, and still on Saturday it took hours to actually do the paperwork, turn in the old vehicle, and get the new one. Why do they have to make it so painful?!

Last Week I:

Listened To: Special Topics In Calamity Physics - I'm about a third of the way done. But now that I no longer have a CD player in my vehicle, I'm stymied as to how I will finish it. Very bummed that I will not be able to support my local library by buying books on CD from the book sale anymore. Unless I can figure out some way to move them to a digital format.

Watched: I can't actually remember what we watched. A couple of nights we actually did leave the tv off except for the news and we spent hours on the patio a couple of other nights. All good; it means I read more than I have been reading.

Read: The Last Ballad for an TLC Book Tour review this week. Ermagawd, Wiley Cash has done it again, made me love his characters and broken my heart.

Made: Lot of eat-on-the-patio foods plus cheesy hash browns, roasted broccoli tossed with Italian dressing, and homemade ice cream with homemade chocolate syrup for Father's Day.

Enjoyed: Father's Day at the College World Series with two of my kids and The Big Guy. The game we attended started three hours late, thanks to a rain delay in the first game. Imagine 14,000 people just milling around the stadium for that long with no idea when the next game was going to start, in 90+ degree temps and high humidity. Then imagine all of those people trying to get into the stadium at once when they finally started letting us in. Let's just say the fun did not start until we actually finally got to our seats!

This Week I’m: 

Planning: Just to stay on top of things this week. I've got several things planned during the week so no major projects on the horizon.

Thinking About: Trips to Missouri (I've got a great-nephew due in the next few weeks I'll be wanting to meet!), to Wisconsin (to see my sister), and to Minnesota (to see Mini-me and Ms. S's new place). Now the trick is to find times for all of those trips that work for everyone.

Feeling: Sloggish. Yeah, I know that's not a word but best sums it up. Today's headache has me struggling just to get simply tasks done. At least it's not keeping me from reading!

Looking forward to: Book club tomorrow night, dinner with a friend on Wednesday, and seeing the great progress my dad has made between yesterday and Thursday when I see him again.

Question of the week: I've got some chicken breasts cooking right now but haven't yet decided what we'll use them for. What's your go-to recipe for using chicken breasts?


  1. Yay for new cars! Boo for headaches. I've actually been having quite a few myself lately. I wonder if it is the weather. So much fluctuation. I am sure my allergies don't help. We still need to clean off our patio furniture so we can enjoy the pleasant evenings while we can. I'm not sure when we'll get the chance. I feel like we are always on the go these days. I am glad you had a nice Father's Day, even despite the heat. I hope you enjoy your chicken breasts! Have a great week, Lisa.

  2. I hate buying cars with a passion. It always makes me want to hide in a corner for awhile! I'm sorry to hear about the headaches those can be so exhausting. The Father's Day at the College World series looks like a lot of fun! A perfect way to celebrate. When all else fails I make Butter Chicken with chicken breasts. It's essentially chicken breaded in cracker crumbs and then baked in little slivers of butter. It's not necessarily the healthiest but it's amazingly good! It's a favorite around here. Have a great week!

  3. Sorry about the 3 hours you guys had to wait to take your seats at the College World Series. Ha! Our team (Texas) was one of the teams that had their game delayed. As you likely know, Texas came back from the delay and pretty much fell apart. We're hoping that their game today will be better, but it's tough coming up through the loser's bracket. I'm having sinus headaches from the unsettled weather too. Hate that, but what can you do?

  4. This weather has been murder on my sinuses. I had a migraine thanks to brewing storms all day yesterday, and I feel a twinge of one yet again today with more storms.

    I was thinking about you on Sunday and the College World Series. I cannot imagine the miserableness of sitting there in those temperatures and that humidity. It was a stay-inside type of day for me!

  5. I love to use shredded chicken breasts for tostadas. Topped with avocado, chopped tomato, beans and cheese. Oh, and sour cream.

    I like to use OverDrive for my audio books and I just download them to my phone or iPod for listening in the car.

  6. Looks like a relaxing and fun weekend! I feel sloggish too this summer. I'm getting things done some days but not others. I stay up too late some times too and have a hard time doing my usual morning things as well, especially with my son out of school for the summer. So it's a dance of what to do together over the summer and also get my usual errands and other things done I need to do. I love summer but I also hate summer! Ha ha!

    I hope you have a great week and enjoy your book club and also am glad your father is doing better.

  7. Grilled chicken tacos! Marinate in oil, lime juice, cilantro, salt & pepper. Easy and a favorite.