Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Task It Tuesday - June 26

So, pretty much when I've made the other lists, I've posted them...and ignored them. But this time, I swear, I'm going to follow up on this one! Starting as soon as I'm finished with this list, I'm going to check off #4. Yea, me!

Reading (and blogging) to do tasks:

1. write review for Little Fires Everywhere
2. write review for You Think It, I'll Say It
3. Write "What We're Reading" post (a new idea I've had)
4. catch up book club blog
5. set up post for the Fourth of July
6. clean up reading journal
7. try to fix Nook error with Netgalley
8. put together a tentative summer reading list
9. pick up The Roanoke Girls for July book club
10. write a Mama Shepp's Family Recommends post

We bloggers love our lists and always have tasks to be done. But what about my readers who aren't bloggers - do you ever put together a reading to-do list?


  1. Good luck! I love to make lists and cross things off. Getting ready to put together a list for Paris in July. I think I can pretty much use the one I started a few years ago... :)

  2. Yes, we are list makers aren't we? I'll be interested in hearing what you thought about Little Fire Everywhere. Do that one next. Just a suggestion. LOL