Sunday, June 3, 2018

Life: It Goes On - June 3

Why, hello there! Assuming you are even still there after my extended absence. My dad had major back surgery a week and a half ago and between a house full of family, time at the hospital and real life, I haven't touched my computer once in the past two weeks. He gave us a scare but he's well on the road to recovery now. Gardening is out this summer, which will be tough for him, but he'll have lots of time for reading on the front porch in the sun or back deck in the shade so I'm hoping for some guest reviews out of him!

Last Week I:
Chihuly and Kaneko art in the hospital and my parents, who
celebrated their 60th anniversary on Friday. Not the way
they might have hoped but in just the way to prove
how they have lived their marriage vows.

Listened To: I am loving Robert Goorick's Heading Out To Wonderful, particularly Norman Dietz' reading which reminds me very much of Garrison Keilor's tone of storytelling.

Watched: Not a whole lot until this morning when I am watching an 80's movie marathon, apparently, starting with Tootsie and now Mystic Pizza.

Read: A Handbook for Beautiful People for a TLC Book Tour review for tomorrow. It's been tough to focus this past week so reading has been slow going.

Made: To make sure we had foods we could take to the hospital or for quick meals here, I had prepped sirloin, seasoned taco ground beef, and shredded chicken thigh meat and baked a loaf of bread, blond brownies, and sour cream raisin bars. So we had a salad buffet one night at the hospital, made sandwiches there one noon, and did a taco bar one night there (have I mentioned before how my family takes over hospitals?). We didn't have to make much the rest of the week between leftovers and take out.

Enjoyed: The quiet evenings on my patio this weekend including toasted marshmallows and equal parts quiet and bird songs. We even discovered we have a family of cardinals living in one of our trees.

This Week I’m: 

Planning: Trips to Lincoln to be with my parents as my dad finishes rehab and finally gets to go home.

Thinking About: My kiddos who moved on Friday to Rochester....and will not have their furniture until Tuesday. In the meantime, they will sleep on an air mattress and eat take out food on paper plates.

Feeling: Sad. One of our cats died just about the time I stopped posting. He was my buddy, followed me everywhere and cuddled with me whenever I sat down. He was a big cat and a big presence and I keep being surprised by how much I miss him.

Looking forward to: Heading to Rochester soon!

Question of the week: Now that summer's started, what are your big plans to enjoy the warmth and sunshine!


  1. So sorry to hear about your cat and your father's surgery. Sounds like you've had a lot going on these past few weeks. An '80s movie marathon is a good antidote to all of that (along with the food you've prepped). Continued good thoughts that all goes well with your Dad's recovery.

  2. Sorry about your Dad's surgery, but hope he mends well and can at least get in some good reading time. And good luck to your kids on their move. Oh, and also sorry about your kitty. Wow. You have had a lot in a short time. Take care and maybe just hang out with the pretty birds on the patio. Hugs.

  3. Lisa, I'm sorry about the loss of your lap cat, they become such a part of our lives. We lost 2 of our cats in 2017 at the age of 14 (both), one was such a snuggler, the other loved my hub more than me LOL We are now down to just one cat (another lap cat who loves me best LOL and he's 16).

  4. I do hope your Dad's recovery from back surgery goes well. The art in the hospital looks cheery, but it'll be good for him to get home for rehab. As he enjoys reading let's hope he can share some reviews on your blog. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your cat. It sounds as if family life has been and continues to be eventful. We've also been busy and now that I'm back home in Yorkshire after travelling here and there I hope to get into a more quiet routine over the next month or two.....

  5. Oh what a few weeks you've had. I'm so sorry to hear about your cat but glad your Dad is doing well after the scare. I think guest reviews sounds like a good idea! I know for people who are usually active long recoveries can be brutal and any distraction helps. Hope this week is much better.

  6. I'm glad your dad's surgery went well. Rehab can be difficult but it's so necessary. I hope he can return home soon. Again, so sorry about your kitty. I hate it when a beloved pet passes on. So many memories.

    Big plans this summer. Nada. I don't make big plans anymore. I am okay with simple but these days even simple plans are difficult. I plan but then something always comes up. But after club volleyball ends this June 10th, things will be better even though high school ball has already started. Club has all those weekend practices and tournaments which meant we had ZERO weekend days to do anything.

    Some simple things: an outdoor concert at the Arboretum (a Beatles tribute), visiting a museum I've been wanting to see, more movies in the theater, lots of beach walks, books and books, really good iced tea on the patio, oh and cookouts!

  7. I've been enjoying evenings on the patio too. We can't to marshmallows, but just being outside in a quiet place where it's warm and sunny has been so refreshing for my soul :)