Thursday, August 9, 2018

Book Gems

Even in the lightest books or the books I’m not as fond of, I often find little nuggets of writing that speak to me, for their beauty, for their humor, for their profound truth. These gems don’t always find their way into my reviews but they are often part of what formed my opinion of the book. One of the joys of reading from my Nook is that those nuggets are always out there for me to go back and read. I though you might enjoy them as well.

Here are a few from Katherine Center’s Everyone Is Beautiful (which I apparently forgot to review when I read it so that review is upcoming):

“I knew exactly how your body could wander off like a toddler at the supermarket, leaving you racing through the aisles and shouting, “Where are you? This isn’t funny!”
Fortunately, Center’s character found her body again. Mine was abducted; haven’t seen it in years!
“…I was coming more and more to believe that women’s desire was different from men’s. Women’s desire seemed to come from their feelings – a physical ache in the heart that ravaged the body.”
“Because the truth was, there was a dark underbelly of terror to motherhood. You loved your children with such an overwhelming fierceness that you were absolutely vulnerable at every moment of every day…The threats to your child were infinite. And the thing was, if any of your children’s lives were ruined, even a little bit, yours would be, too.”
I believe every mom understands the truth of this.

And this one, just for fun:
“Amanda, who held herself to the most excruciating standards of beauty of any friend I’d ever had, was married to a truffle pig”


  1. Ha! I love that last one. And I agree about Moms.

    1. Sometimes, when I'm hurting because my kids are hurting, I wonder if I would have had them if I'd known how much pain would come with them. But then the joy so outweighs the pain!

  2. Those are great quotes. Sounds like a very interesting book. Can't wait for your review!

    1. It's mostly light stuff but sometimes that's just what you need.