Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Life: It Goes On - The Thursday Edition

Oh my, what a busy past week and a half we've had. I can't believe it's already August!

Mini-him turned 30 last week and I can't get over how old that makes me feel! His girlfriend and sister put together a surprise party for him. This should have required very little of me, other than cupcakes and gifts. I should have known better. His gf made all of the food but I ended up having to pick it all up to store it overnight, get it all heated back up and ready to serve, get it to the venue and get the food table set up. I was a busy mama for a couple of days. The important thing is that Mini-him was surprised and had a great time! Last night we finally got around to having our family birthday dinner for him - it's not a birthday until he's had Asian chicken salad.

Over the weekend, The Big Guy, Miss H, her boyfriend and I headed south to meet my new great-nephew (who shall hereafter be known as The Little Prince) and to spend much needed time with The Princess. Oh, yeah, and to see the rest of my brother's family. It was much too short a trip but we had so much fun.

Last Week I:

Listened To: Some NPR, Sirius radio, some podcasts, and a lot of music. Miss H and her bf were surprised to find that I knew the lyrics to Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise. Good to know I'm still capable of surprising my kids!

Watched: We've caught two episodes of Maigret, a drama about a French detective starring Rowan Atkinson. It is dark, and atmospheric, and very French. Except that it's filmed in Hungary and stars an cast which largely speaks with a British accent! Atkinson plays it 100% straight, which is so strange since I only know him as a comedic actor. He's really quite good here.

Read: I started Rebecca Traister's All The Single Ladies. As soon as I started it, I had second doubts, not having been a single lady myself for 35 years. No worries; it's a book that speaks to all women. But with all of the highlighting and things I'm learning, it's slow going. I've also picked up Andrew Sean Greer's Less which I'm enjoying.

Made: Red velvet cupcakes, shortbread chocolate chip cookies, summer fare including a lot of salads, and the aforementioned Asian chicken salad.

Enjoyed: Time with my family last weekend, getting our fave Shakespeare's pizza and spending a good chunk of Saturday relaxing at a local winery where we danced (some of us better than others!), ate great food from all of the goodies we brought and a food truck that was there, and talked and laughed until well after dark.

This Week I’m: 

Planning: Several weekend trips.

Thinking About: Taking a "me" day off work. And by "me" day, I mean a day that I can have the house to myself to get the jobs done that there just doesn't seem to be time for otherwise.

Feeling: Blessed.

Looking forward to: Getting my hair colored this afternoon. I pushed it extra long between appointments and now there's an old lady looking back at me in the mirror. I'm not a fan of her!

Question of the week: Summer's winding down. What are you still hoping to do before the kids head back to school, the temps start to drop and the days get shorter?


  1. Such a beautiful picture! A little prince indeed. We're still in completely full summer mode here in Texas. And we will be for a couple of months to come at least. It is ever thus. LOL

  2. The Little Prince is quite handsome.

    School starts for my daughter next week. I managed to slip a beach trip in last weekend and it was good but the weeks have been too busy and the weekends clogged up with these summer school packets. I hate them!!! I told my daughter to do them all at once and then just test out each week but she is impossible to work with when it comes to this stuff. Last day is this Thursday and she still has three units to test out of and complete. If she doesn't finish no credit. I am losing it.