Friday, August 17, 2018

Lit: Uniquely Portable Magic

Nine years ago when I started blogging, I made extensive use of my local library. It was the only way I could get enough current books to read enough to post a book a month without spending a fortune. It was before I realized that all of my holds would always come in at the same time and that I would never want to make the trip back to the library to return them until I was done with all of them and had racked up a hefty fine.

So eight and a half years ago, I stopped going to the library and my card lapsed.

In the meantime I found Netgalley, began to have more and more publishers offering me books, and found out I could get audiobooks for a couple of bucks at my local library book sale. Problem solved.

Until a couple of months ago when I bought a new car that doesn't have a CD player. Since then I've been exploring options for audiobook subscription services. I just couldn't make myself pay a set fee each month; that was adding an expense to the budget and that kind of it's-only-$15-a-month thinking adds up fast. So I've been listening to podcasts and trial of SiriusXM. But when I was listening to the podcast S*Town, which reminded me so much of a narrative nonfiction book, I realized I missed audiobooks.

So yesterday I finally took an alternative route home from work on my half day and went to the library to get a new book card. And, also, to pay the outstanding fines I apparently have had hanging out there for for more than 8 years. Damn, I should have gone in one of those times they've had fine-forgiveness!

I limited myself to only one physical book (which I'm pretty excited to get to) and I downloaded Overdrive's Libby app so that I could get audiobooks. I put two books on hold and started a third. I must say, I'm pretty stoked to finally be able to listen to my audio books when I'm NOT in the car now!

Now just to remember to get that book back on time!


  1. Digital audiobooks are the best!! Pretty soon you'll have to try wireless earbuds, too... they changed my life last winter ;-)

    PS - Laughed out loud at your comment on my Summer Adventure post! It's pretty rural in that part of Maine but, as far as I know, elk are not used for transportation purposes. Can't decide whether to correct my typo or not ;-)

  2. Love Libby! I get such great books. Glad you got back to audiobooks!

  3. Library books either physical, electronic or audio are the way to go! I use Overdrive but have yet to use Libby. I am kind of confused on why they have both.

  4. Yes, I cannot afford anything that you pay a certain amount each month for!!! I like two sites, and Library Thing. I get free books from both. I uaually get two from the first one and one from the other each month!

  5. Is it me or is it just weird that a new car (or a new RV!) doesn't have a CD player?! We've been busy ripping a lot of our cds to flashdrives so we can listen to music while on road trips. Of course, those little flashdrives (and phones) take up a lot less space than actual cds, but still. It's not like I want a cassette deck in my new vehicle. ;)

    I'm still splurging with my monthly subscription to, but would like to switch to the library service since I'm not listening to nearly as many audio books as I was in the past. We are very lucky and recently discovered that our library doesn't charge overdue fees! They have a "guilt box" if you want to pay something for having an overdue item, but it's not required. I was stunned when I learned of this!

  6. I plan on going to my very first face-to-face book club next month and we are reading a book by this author :)

  7. Good for you! I'm slowly switching over to audiobooks from the library now that I've figured out Libby and Hoopla. I might even let my Audible membership lapse. I'll still own the audiobooks that I've gotten from there and do a reread at any time. The only thing is my library has very savvy patrons and so the brand new books have long hold lists. That's why I'm now taking the opportunity to listen to books that I've heard about and thought I might try in the last couple of years. I'm having a blast! Good luck with 'new' library venture! And as to the fines, well, just think of it as your contribution to keeping your library in business.

  8. I have the same problem with all the library holds coming it at once. But our library has an option to let you "suspend" a hold so now I put most of them on "suspension" so I can still have them on hold but just get them one at a time. It sort of works...

  9. I had a similar experience with my library as well but I'm back to regular use and am loving it! I do have Audible but I use the Libby app so much for my audio books I wonder sometimes if it's worth it. It's so convenient to just download the book from your phone and I typically always have at least one book going. Right now it's the 5th Flavia de Luce book by Alan Bradley. Enjoy your listening!