Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday - Back To School

This week's Top Ten Tuesday prompt is Back To School. It's a freebie which means we can interpret the prompt any way we want (The Artsy Reader, for example, feature books with school supplies on the cover). I'm choosing to highlight books with schools as a central setting. Some I've read, some I haven't yet but their all brought to mind this time of year.

1. Matilda by Roald Dahl - I never read this one until I had kids. The movie adaptation is wonderful.
2. The Secret History by Donna Tartt - College kids gone wild accidentally kill a stranger. And that's only one of the ways these young people are not the nicest people.
3. Carrie by Stephen King - Maybe this one's so popular because so many of us would have loved to have had the telekinetic powers to get our revenge on the people who made high school tough.
4. Harry Potter - Nearly the entire seven-book series is set on the grounds of a school. I'm certain that real school looks pretty dull to the fans of these books!
5. The Prime of Miss Jean Brody by Muriel Sparks - Six young girls are marked as being special by a teacher who continues to educate them long after they've left her classroom but is she using them as much as she's helping them?
6. Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon - An aging teacher with writer's block chances upon a student with real talent. It's Chabon, so you know it's great writing.
7. Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld - A young girl enrolls as a scholarship student at a prestigious private school. You can already see where this one's going, can't you?
8. Daddy Longlegs by Jean Webster - When a trustee of an orphanage sponsors a young lady's college education, she strikes up a penpal relationship with the man she knows only as "Daddy Longlegs." So sweet!
9. Villette by Charlotte Bronte - A young English woman with no family to care for her, travels to France to find work as an English teacher. Bronte could have used a better editor but it's still a lovely coming-of-age story.
10. Election by Tom Perrota - A popular jock is convinced to run for student body president by a teacher hoping to stop an overachiever from winning that title. But you can't stop Tracy Flick. This movie adaptation is one of my faves - not the least of which because it is set in Omaha. But also, Reese Witherspoon is amazing in it.


  1. Wonder Boys is one of the few Chabons I have not read. But I agree with you - if it is by Chabon, it will have wonderful writing!

  2. I didn't discover Matilda until a few years ago but I absolutely loved it. I wish I had read it as a child because I know I would have adored it. Somehow I completely missed that Election was based on a book!

  3. I love the Harry Potter books. My daughter pretends she goes to Hogwarts. :-) Matilda is one I hope to read to her one of these days. I think she'd love it.

  4. Matilda is a great one! Great topic and love the books you found to match!