Friday, December 14, 2018

A Month of Faves: Holiday Wishlist

Hmmm - this one's always tough. You wouldn't think so, would you? I mean, there are things we'd all like to have. But some things just aren't practical to wish for (I'm looking at you, world peace) and other things are out of the question (I don't seriously think that putting a remodeled kitchen on my wishlist is going to serve much purpose). But this is a wishlist so I'm going to dream a little bit big, at least.

1. Silver hoop earrings. I lost one earring from the pair I wore almost every day and I'm a little lost without that option. Yes, I know they aren't that expensive and I could easily go out and buy them myself but I just haven't gotten around to that.

2. A comfortable reading chair that I can curl up in. I've been looking for the perfect chair for months. One of these days!

3. I'll Be Gone In The Dark by Michelle McNamara. There are, of course, a lot of books on my wish list but this is a nonfiction title I'm really eager to read.

4. The Perfect Nanny by Leila Slimani. I think this one would be the perfect palate cleanser for me just now after so much nonfiction and so many heavier reads.

5. Another cat.  I'm ready for another buddy around the place and my cat is ready for a companion. The Big Guy's not having it so I don't think this is a wish that's coming true. But it never hurts to ask.

6. A blanket with poms. This is sort of ridiculous. I'm imagining my cat would have a field day with the poms but I just think they're so cute!

7. A blanket with sherpa lining. Can you tell it's been cold around here. I want choices for when I want to cuddle up!

8. Black booties. I can picture just what I want. Now to find them in a store.

9. A cream cardigan. Mine is shot and I live in cardigans in the winter.

10. World peace. Oh, what the hell. It's a wish list, right? Might as well go big!

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  1. I love your list. I keep seeing all these great earrings I want on sale and then when I go to get them, because I NEVER buy them when I first see them on sale, they are gone.

    I also want a blanket, but this specific blanket because it's a give back situation.

    I may have to come up with my own list, just for fun.