Sunday, December 16, 2018

Life: It Goes On - December 16

I'm using the winter picture because in five days it will officially be winter; but, I'm happy to say, that there is very little snow left on the ground here, the sun is shining, and I actually have the door standing open (although that's pushing it a bit because it's only 44 degrees outside but my cat will not go outside right now unless she knows she can get back in when she wants to without having to actually meow or try to claw through the glass on the door). Yea!

Happy birthday to Mini-me today! Wish we could be with him to celebrate but we'll FaceTime later to watch him open his presents. I did not make and ship him a birthday cake which I'm wishing now I would have done. Although I'm not sure how well a cake will ship. Anyone know?

Last Week I:

Listened To: I finished The Immortalists and started Jenny Lawson's Furiously Laughing, which I'm really enjoying.

Watched: College volleyball, The Voice, football, CBS Sunday Morning - the usual.

Read: I finally finished All The Lives We Never Lived and started Once Upon A River but haven't made it far enough in that yet to have an opinion.

Made: Duchess potatoes and bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin for our dinner party last night - two new recipes that I will make again with a couple of tweaks.

Enjoyed: Last night's dinner party - as you can see we spent quite a lot of time sitting around the dining room table enjoying each other, perhaps a bit too  much alcohol, and the cake my friend made that we were all a little hesitant to cut into.

This Week I’m: 

Planning: On doing all the Christmas things - cards and packages will be mailed tomorrow, the presents will get wrapped, and the Christmas goodies, which I've been putting off so we didn't eat them all before Christmas, will get made.

Thinking About: How to get rid of a giant sofa sleeper. I'm not actually getting rid of it soon but I'm already thinking about getting rid of it and what I will do in the living room once it is gone. That's how much I hate that thing. And also how weird my brain can be.

Feeling: Happily tired from last night and surprisingly calm about what still needs to be done before Christmas. That last thing might have to do with the fact that I have three days off this week so I have plenty of time.

Looking forward to: Book club Tuesday, seeing the new Mary Poppins movie with my girlfriends on Wednesday, and seeing my family next weekend. Such a lot of good stuff coming up this week!

Question of the week: What's left on your to-do list this week?


  1. Wrapping and baking and doing the cards all on the same day? Dang! That's impressive!

    I need to wrap. And wrap some more. I also need to plan my menus since I am hosting two Christmas dinners this year. I am quickly running out of time.

    1. Well, you know how plans are! Honestly, I could have had the cards knocked out and ready to mail in October. I knew which pictures I was going to use and everything I wrote in my letter had already happened. One of these years, that's just what I'm going to do!

  2. I wish my to-do list was a little more cut and dry. We adopted a family this year for Christmas and I have all these little things to get like cello wrap for the baskets, food to round out their holiday meal, gifts for the mom, etc. I honestly feel as if I am just limping through life right now.

    1. It sucks when the time of year that's supposed to be so enjoyable turns out to be the most stressful. It's not like there's a lot of other things you can take off your schedule to add time for the extras. "Sorry, folks, I won't be doing laundry this month" probably won't fly! Hope you found some time to put up your feet and have Ti time!