Sunday, December 9, 2018

Life: It Goes On - December 9

Happy two weeks until Christmas! Anyone else starting to kick it into overdrive? Yesterday I got the Christmas cards ordered. I've done a lot of Christmas shopping this weekend. Wrapping won't get done until next week since I have a dinner party and book club meeting to plan for before that can happen. I decided that after spending so much time getting the house decorated, someone might as well actually see it. And I have spent a ridiculous amount of time fussing around with the decorating this year!

I'm dragging this weekend; Miss H was kind enough to share a cold. Luckily, I don't have it nearly as bad as she did so I'm still getting things done. I guess if I'm going to have to have a cold this time of year, this weekend is better than any of the next three!

Last Week I:

Listened To: The Immortalists, which I'm enjoying a lot. My Year of Rest and Relaxation became available ten days ago but I doubt I'm going to get to it before my loan expires so I suppose I'll have to put that on hold again. Not sure what will be available next.

Watched: Lots of sports this week - some football, college basketball, international curling, and college volleyball. Very excited that our Huskers will be going to the Final Four for the fourth year in a row.

Read: Yeah, well. Actual reading is almost at a standstill right now. Maybe I'll actually finish a book this week.

Made: A ramen soup comfort recipe from the New York Times, stir fry, chicken parmesan, scrambled eggs (because sometimes breakfast for dinner is just the thing!).

Enjoyed: Happy hour(s) with friends.

This Week I’m: 

Planning: On finishing up the shopping this week and getting the Christmas cards mailed by weekend.

Thinking About: Starting the holiday baking.

Feeling: Like I might just be enjoying this holiday season more than I have in years. I've certainly enjoyed playing with decorating more this year than in a very long time. If you follow me on Instagram, you're probably sick of seeing the pictures! I've brought a lot of family into my decorating this year including runners from Mini-me and Ms. S's wedding, an ice cream maker barrel from The Big Guy's great aunt, dishes from the original Mama Shep and her Christmas carol book, books from my great-uncle, ornaments from my grandparents' and parents' trees, and pages from some of my mom's choral books. My original plan was to scale way back this year. Oh, well. At least, I'm also now in good shape for winter decor once the holidays are over.

Looking forward to: Three short work weeks in a row after I make it through this week.

Question of the week: How are you holding up this month?


  1. It looks beautiful! Love your decor! I'm glad you are enjoying it all this year. My reading has also been at a standstill more than usual. But I've finally found a cute book about Charles Dickens and the making of A Christmas Caorl that is hitting the spot.

    1. I'm finally getting back to reading my blog feed and can't wait to read your thoughts on that Dickens book.

  2. Oh, how I miss ramen soup. Not gluten means no ramen soup. Bummer.
    How am I holding up? Not horrible. Not fantastic. Somewhere in between. I am about to plan my Christmas meals so that should put me in better spirits.
    I am at work today though, the day that someone threatened a mass shooting on our campus. Finals had to be moved online because students are terrified to be here but STAFF was not given an option so there are officers everywhere. Today is out big union Christmas party too. Makes all of us a little nervous.

    1. That was terrible that they expected the staff to stick around in those conditions. I remember bomb threats back in the days when I was going to school and we never much took those too seriously because there was almost never a bomb found any where in the country. These days those threats are all too likely to be real.