Sunday, December 30, 2018

Life: It Goes On - December 30

Whoa! I did not intend to go blog silent for more than a week! Guess that's what happens when you are both busy and incredibly relaxed. I hope you all had lovely week and enjoyed the holidays. I spent several days off work before the holidays finishing up shopping and getting things ready then it was off to celebrate with our families. Oddly, I didn't get one picture of any of it!

Do you have big plans for tomorrow night? We will enjoy dinner out with friends then we will likely all sit at one of our houses and keep ourselves entertained until we can toast the new year and then go to bed as has become our very beloved habit.

Last Week I:

Listened To: I had several books become available and listened to a couple of hours of each but then they'd have to be returned and I had to put them back on hold. Yesterday, My Year of Rest and Relaxation became available and, at only about 7 hours, I think I'll make it through an entire book before I lose it. Assuming I remember to listen while I'm lolling around the house

Watched: Football, volleyball, college basketball but also Love Actually (twice), Die Hard (twice, because, for some reason, it's a Christmas movie?), and bit of several other Christmas shows as they came on.

Read: I will finally finish Once Upon A River today and then I've got three days to read a book for a review on Wednesday. Reading another thing that's been tough this past week?

Made: Hawaiian ham sandwiches, peanut soup, taco soup, peppermint stick ice cream, coffee cake and the usual Christmas goodies.

Enjoyed: Time with family, lots of down time, and, especially, FaceTime'ing with Mini-me and Ms. S on Christmas Day.

This Week I’m: 

Planning: I usually wait until New Year's Day to take down Christmas, but I'm starting that today this year. I'm not necessarily tire of it (as I so often am); but since it has to come down eventually, it might as well come down sooner rather than later.

Thinking About: Ways to make it through the winter without going bonkers.

Feeling: Relaxed. I've made sure to work in a lot of down time through the holidays. I even told The Big Guy that I would not allow for more than two things to be scheduled into my four-day weekend!

Looking forward to: Is it too early to say "spring?"

Question of the week: How are you celebrating the New Year's arrival?


  1. Have a Happy New Year! We have had a tradition of an early movie, Chinese food and cocktail, all before the ball drops.

    1. When we used to celebrate as a family, we always did take out Chinese food, played board games and made special "cocktails." I have a good time now with the friends we always go out with, but I miss ringing in the new year the way we used to.