Friday, August 15, 2014

How Not To Reduce The Books On Your Shelves

I had very few reading commitments this month and have been working really hard to read books that have been living on my shelves for a while so I could, you know, maybe get rid of the piles on the floor. But today when I went to the library book sale to pick up some new audio books (which I'd like to point out will live in my car and not on my floor), I found very few books I really wanted to listen to...and six dollars yet to spend. I always take cash and my goal is usually to spend as close to the exact amount of cash I have without going over. So I HAD so spend that last six dollars. Which meant I had to buy actually books. Which will live on my floor. For who knows how long.

one of the gardens at the library
I got Mrs. Dalloway and M.C. Beaton's Death of a Maid on audio and Tigers In Red Weather, The Weird Sisters and The Singing and Dancing Daughters of God in print. In my defense, I did put back Dan Simmon's Drood which I'm pretty sure weighs in at 10 lbs. Curiously, they also had this one on audio and while it most definitely did not say "abridged" any place on the box, I find it hard to believe that they got 800 pages of book onto seven discs. Had to pass on that on principle alone.

Also, I might have added a couple of books on my Nook this week. But they're invisible so they don't count, right? Have you brought any new books into your home this week?


  1. Mrs. Dalloway is a good one... if you haven't already read it, I'd suggest following up with The Hours by Michael Cunningham. Tigers in Red Weather was just okay for me, but I love the cover.

    What audiobooks did you get?

  2. Oh yeah! If you set your mind to buy a book, you have to spend it! I cannot believe that the Drood book is just 7 discs. There is no way that is possible.

  3. I am being a good little book blogger and going through my ARCs and reading those that have not been read before adding any more. It helps that I keep getting declined for stuff. LOL.

    I did get the new Murakami. Had to. And soon I may have to buy The Paying Guests, the new Sarah Waters as I did not get the ARC for that one either.

  4. LOL - I love your discipline. I always make similar deals with my brain about books.

  5. Library sales are dangerous! I always end up with far more than I need. I think you got some great books though. I just started reading M.C. Beaton again and have been enjoying them and Miss Dalloway is on my list of books I should read. Enjoy your new books!

  6. Haha! This sounds like me for sure. I am constantly trying to make space on my shelves....and then I am not because I couldn't resist bringing yet another book home with me :)

  7. I'm finding myself less and less inclined to buy books for my shelves these days. I have some birthday money to spend so I headed to Half Price Books and after browsing for about 20 minutes I finally picked up a hard cover copy of The Catcher in the Rye. Because it's a classic and I haven't read it yet? I couldn't justify anything else. Though doesn't apply to my Nook either. ;)

    Too bad you didn't pick up Drood! I'm planning on reading it this fall. Because it's taking up valuable space on my shelf!

  8. I enjoyed The Weird Sisters, but I love the cover of Tigers in Red Weather.

    I have had Drood on my shelf for awhile, but keep on thinking I need to read the Dickens first.

    Funny how one trip becomes another :)

    Enjoy your new books...