Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year!

I do believe I have, for the first time ever perhaps, managed to time my reading (maybe because I haven't really been reading) so that I can start a new book as the new year begins. Bloggers (and maybe all readers, I can't remember if I cared before I started blogging) put a lot of stock into which book we read first in a new year. It really hasn't mattered to me. It's never been an indicator of what I'll read for the year...until this year, I think. This is the year that I'm going to really try to allow myself read only the books that suit my mood. It's only fair to the books, it's only fair to me. So this year I'm starting off which something a little lighter than my usual read, Bonnie Garmus' Lessons In Chemistry. If I'd just told you that title, you might think I was reading something scientific and important. But just one look at that cover tells you the this book is something entirely different. And, honestly, I can't wait to start reading today!

Oh, and you might want to get your hands on this one sooner rather than later - Brie Larson has already optioned it and an Apple + series is in the works. How's that for a debut work?!


  1. Happy new year Lisa and happy reading in 2022!

  2. Starting off with something lighter sounds like a good way to kick off the new year, Lisa. I hope you enjoy Lessons In Chemistry!

    I think this is the first year I've carried over books I am reading. I'm always so strict about starting fresh with the new year. And I actually don't care this time around. I still picked a first book other than the have going. We'll see which one I finish first. :-) Happy New Year!

  3. It looks like it's perfect for a brand new year.