Sunday, January 2, 2022

Life: It Goes On - January 2

Happy Sunday! At least I think it's Sunday. Between the three days I had off of work before Christmas, two days off last week, one day working from home, and tomorrow scheduled off, only the fact that CBS Sunday Morning was on when I got up made it certain for me what day it is. 

Did you see that I posted some mini-reviews on New Year's Eve? If I was smart, I would have written longer reviews and had a couple of weeks of reviews ready to go. But I knew I wouldn't get them done if I was looking at an hour commitment for each review. And, yes, I did just say that I've had all kinds of time off work lately, but...well, I just didn't feel like it, that's all. 

Last Week I: 

Listened To:
 Josie Silver's One Day In December which was recommended by a coworker as being just the right book for a time of year when our brains are already overwhelmed and she was right!

Watched: Football, football, and more football. And Gene Kelly movie I'd never heard of before, Les Girls. After watching it, I know why I'd never heard of it before. 

Read: You won't be surprised to hear that I didn't read much last week. This weekend I am determined to read Stanley Tucci's Taste, which I kept picking up and then putting back down. Not because it's not good. It's actually due back to the library so I'm going to make myself sit down and read today. 

Made: The Big Guy was out of town for four days and we had a lot of leftovers so, other than cooking a pizza we picked up, the oven hasn't been on at all. But I have made some paper bag snowflakes to replace Christmas decor.

Enjoyed: Yes, I missed BG while he was gone but four days of just me and the cats (BG went on a trip with Mini-him so I've been cat sitting) was just the quiet break I needed. 

This Week I’m:  

Christmas is down and now it's time to put my office back in order. It's kind of the dumping ground for gifts that get purchased, wrapping paper, and all of the stuff that needs to get stored when the Christmas stuff is up. 

Thinking About: We're waiting on some health news about my dad and that is never far from my mind. 

Feeling: I lost a filling just before Christmas but didn't have time to get it fixed then and by the time I got to the dentist this week, it had started to hurt. He gave me a temporary filling and some antibiotics but four days later, I'm still in quite a bit of pain. It's affecting my ability to get things done and I'm getting more than a little cranky about being in pain and not being productive. 

Looking forward to: One more short work week before we settle into the long months of winter. 

Question of the week: What are we going to do without Betty White in our lives???!!!


  1. A bit late but all the very best for 2022

  2. Happy 2022, Lisa! If you have to return Taste to the library before you finish, try to get the audio. It is THE BEST!! I'm making note of One Day in December for our next holiday season. Thanks for the recommendation.