Sunday, January 9, 2022

Life: It Goes On - January 9

Happy Sunday! We're on the winter roller coaster right now but grateful not to have had the trouble so many of you have had. Just temps that rise and fall, mostly. Today we're in the dip - it's 10 degrees as I type. But the sun is shining and I'm really good at pretending that the sun means long as I don't step foot out the door.

If I haven't really posted a book review in over a month, am I even allowed to call myself a book blog any more? I'm going to redeem myself a bit this week with at least one review! My tooth pain has abated (although I am looking forward to my root canal in a week - how weird is that to say?!) and I'm able to focus on reading again. The house is finally fully back in order after the holidays - we used yesterday to do a lot of those little things that needed to be done yet like take the last bin of ornaments downstairs and put away the final Christmas presents (finding a home for the big electric knife sharpener The Big Guy wanted for Christmas took some doing). 

Last Week I: 

 Listened To: Well, I did it again - managed to not get an audiobook finished before my loan expired. I almost finished One Day In December but forgot to pay attention to when it was due back and was surprised to get in the car for the ride home on Wednesday and not have it to finish up. So I listened to music the rest of the week. I'm hoping The Radium Girls becomes available in the next day or so. 

Watched: Oh, you know - lots of football, lots of HGTV. Not much else. 

 I'd started reading Stanley Tucci's Taste before Christmas but only managed about 40 pages until this last week so I finished that up this week and Stanley may just have managed to break my reading slump! I've moved on to Lessons In Chemistry, which I'm enjoying a lot. 

Made: Chicken pot pie, chicken southwestern chili, and hamburger vegetable soup - can you tell I'm craving winter comfort food?

Enjoyed: An evening with friends last night - we haven't seen them in weeks and we usually see them every week so we had a lot of talking to do!

This Week I’m:  

Planning: On getting my sourdough starter back up to speed and baking some bread. 

Thinking About:
There's a group that's doing 30 Bags In 30 Days which started the first of the year. I'm behind already and I've done things out of order. I'll still try to get 30 bags out by the end of the month. For a person who gets rid of things regularly, it's astonishing how much I still have in this house and I think it's time to really make drastic changes.

Feeling: Relieved - Miss H got Covid this week (and then, of course, passed it on to her roommate). Fortunately both of them are vaccinated and but Miss H felt like she had influenza so she was pretty miserable. Fortunately, she's on the mend. 

Looking forward to: Working from home a couple of days this week. 

Question of the week: If you've had to work from home during Covid, which do you prefer - being in the office or working from home? 

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