Friday, November 4, 2016

Five On Friday

It's November, it's Friday and it's in the upper 70's in Nebraska. Pretty damn excited about that! Here's what else I'm excited about (this is what happens when you haven't finished a book in more than a week and don't have any reviews to post!):

Baby Evie! We are planning on heading south when Miss H gets off work to meet the latest member of our family. I may have bought her a Husker outfit with a tutu! No pictures of her yet until I get her mom's and dad's permission to do so. After that, all bets are off.

The Serial Reader app. I'm breaking it in with a play, short stuff. But you can read Anna Karenina, if you're willing to take six months to read it. This app is great for people who "don't read" - surely everyone can find 7-10 minutes a day for reading!

I've used up all 20 lbs of the apples The Big Guy brought home last week, except a few we left out for eating. We've had fried apples a couple of times but most of them are now in the freezer in various incarnations. I'd feel like Martha Stewart but they aren't in pretty containers with cute labels and raffia bows. Although, everything is labeled. Because isn't is weird that once you put a container of something in the freezer, it no longer looks like anything you can recognize?

New trainers for my birthday. I never paid a lot for walking shoes or trainers and spent years thinking all walking shoes were heavy or uncomfortable. I'm not blaming that for my big butt, but it didn't help. A couple of years ago, I spent some money on a good pair of shoes and, more importantly, time to find shoes that really fit my feet. Ta-da! I finally understood what it meant to have a spring in your step. Then I wore them down on the inside but the outside was still in great shape so I didn't think I could justify new shoes. What was I waiting for! I'm ready to conquer the gym again!

The end of the baseball season. Don't get me wrong, I like baseball. But when the post-season hits, it's a battle between Miss H and BG every game as to who gets to have the big television. And I didn't really care who won (although I'm glad that so many of my family members are happy with the outcome) and I'm tired of hearing about how this series was "historic." Oops, didn't mean to end on a grumpy note. Sorry about that! 

What are you excited about this week?


  1. Walking shoes have come such a long way. They are much lighter which helps a great deal if you ever suffer from shin splints, which I do when I wear shoes that are too clunky.

  2. I love new shoes of any sort. I have the opposite problem of you. I blame "worn-down" shoes on my lack of exercise and use that to get a new pair. I don't wear them out nearly enough though.

    I can't wait to see pics of the newest addition!

  3. I've just downloaded the serial reader app, looks interesting.