Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday - My Ten Favorite Movies That Make Me Cry

This week the ladies at The Broke and The Bookish have given us a movie freebie to make a list of whatever movie category we want to make. I've may have mentioned, once or twice, that books rarely make me cry, no matter how attached to the characters I've become. I may become a bit emotional, but tears aren't often a part of that.

Movies are a whole other thing. And, let's be honest, televisions shows and even commercials can have the same effect on me. Births, deaths, goodbyes - all teary moments for me. I blame my mom. Perhaps "blame" is not the right word. Because I'm not embarrassed by it; I own it proudly. Here, in no particular order, are ten movies that have made me cry. I'm only including here movies I've watched more than once that made me cry more than once. And two that made me so profoundly sad that I couldn't even cry.

1. Beaches - Bette Midler, Barbara Hershey. Best friends who care more deeply for each other than any man ever will. It makes me cry every. single. time.

2. Life Is Beautiful - World War II. A father who will go to any lengths to protect his son physically and from reality. A father who gives in own life to that end.

3. Stepmom - Susan Sarandon, Julia Roberts. If you're a mom, this one is tough on so many levels. But filled with love and laughter and a great dance scene. Sad without even including death.

4. Steel Magnolias - Julia Roberts again, this time as a daughter and a young mother. It made me cry before I became a mother myself. It makes me cry even harder now that I can truly understand what Sally Field's character is going through.

5. The Notebook - I know, I know, it's Nicholas Sparks and it's manipulative but I can't help myself. Don't we all long for such a deep love?

6. Glory - Denzel, Morgan Freeman, Matthew Broderick, Cary Elwes. The Civil War and one of the first black regiments. Spoiler alert - they literally all die at the end of this movie. Gah!

7. Sophie's Choice - Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline. If that choice Sophie has to make doesn't break you (and it does me, every time), the ending will.

8. Last of the Mohicans - Daniel Day Lewis. It's not the stars that make me cry in this one. It's poor Uncas and Alice. And that score. Maybe the best score in all of moviedom.

9. Legends of the Fall - Brad Pitt, Aidan Quinn, Anthony Hopkins, Julia Ormond. A beautifully shot movie about war, love, and family that is almost unceasingly sad.

10. My Life - Nicole Kidman, Michael Keaton. The. Saddest. Movie. Ever. Especially if you are a parent or have lost someone you love to cancer, it will be hard to watch as Keaton's character battles cancer.

And those two that are so hard to watch that I can't even cry?

*Hotel Rwanda - The true story of a man fighting to save lives during the Rwandan genocide. The whole movie is a tough watch but the point which really breaks me is a drive down in bumpy road in the fog. If you've seen it, you know what I mean.

*Schindler's List - When we saw this in the theater, it was several minutes after the credits ended before anyone got out of their seats. When they did, no one made a sound. The immensity of man's inhumanity is gut wrenching. The willingness to risk everything to fight that is incredible.

What movies make you cry every time you watch them?


  1. I loved Life is Beautiful - what a fantastic film! And I really did enjoy Legends of the Fall - such a good one with so many great actors in it. I cry when they kill his wife :( Hotel Rwanda was excellent. I really think that Cheadle got robbed of an Oscar for that role. Great list!

  2. I realize, when reading this post, that I avoid movies that make me cry. I've only seen one of these! Maybe it's time for me to watch...

  3. Such a great list. Beaches - my girlfriends and I used to watch that one over and over again and just sob each and every time. I think we somehow got a kick out of it. I totally agree about Schindler's List being too powerful to cry. I saw it in the theater too. The stunned silence at the end was something I will never forget. I could go on and on about the movies you list here. Now, I just want to watch them all over again.

  4. I do know what you mean about Hotel Rwanda. It's one of those scenes that burns into your soul, and changes lives.

  5. I haven't forgiven my husband for talking me into watching Glory. I mean it's amazing. The acting is spectacular, the cast is so insanely talented that really nothing compares, the story is beautiful but I cried so hard at the end and it still haunts me a bit. I can still remember the scene where they're marching to their death and the other soldiers are watching them - goosebumps even now!

  6. Beaches, my life, and Life is Beautiful are probably my top 3. All great picks 👍