Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Nonfiction November - My Year In Nonfiction

Finally! The kick in the butt I need to pull out some nonfiction reads. It's not like I don't enjoy nonfiction but for some reason, I just don't seem to pull it out when I've got the chance to read whatever I want. I may just drag this thing into December once I get going because talking about my year in nonfiction won't take long at this point. Which is a disappointment.

I have read nine nonfiction books so far this year, which puts me just two books away from my original goal of 11-14. I'd much prefer to be at the high end of that or beyond by year end.

The bigger problem is that I've not been overly impressed with a lot of the books I've read. So far, I've only got three on my top books of the year: Finding Fontainebleau by Thad Carhart, How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran and Behind The Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo.

So, what to read to end the year on a high note, nonfiction-wise? First, I'll pull Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project off my nightstand and finish that. I might also try to get to her Happier At Home. Then I'll check out what's on my Nook. I'm thinking it's time to read another memoir, perhaps Mary Karr's Lit or Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Maybe a sports book - I'm thinking The System: The Glory and Scandal of Big-Time College Football. Or something historical like The Worst Hard Times: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dustbowl. Maybe something that will really grab me like Anne Perry and The Murder of The Century. I've got a book club book to read yet this month, a book for a review, and the plays for my Classics Club spin so I'm not sure how many more books I'll get read this month.

What was your favorite nonfiction read this year? Maybe that's the one I should be reading!


  1. Behind the Beautiful Forevers was very popular with my book club a couple of years ago (should had included it in yesterday's book club nonfiction post)... we even got to hear the author speak at a nearby university! Notorious RBG was excellent, too, and I think you'd enjoy it. Be sure to read the physical book or on an ereader with color to get the full effect. The Worst Hard Time is waiting on my kindle. Wonder if this will be the year ;-)

  2. My top nonfiction we're Malcolm x: a life of reinvention by Manning Marable and My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem. Beyond the Beautiful Forevers has been in my shelf for awhile and Notorious RBG. I'm reading Hamilton and the Devil in the White City right now. Good luck with your nonfiction November!!!

  3. I have The Happiness Project on one of my bookshelves, :isa. Thanks for the good idea to get it down and read it!

  4. I thought I read a lot of nonfiction this year but apparently not. I have been undecided about The Happiness Project. I like the idea of it and I am a very project-person. But for some reason, (when I read a few chapters of this book in the past), it bothered me that the author has a very project-oriented approach to happiness. Did/does that ever bother you when you read this book?