Sunday, November 6, 2016

Life: It Goes On - November 6

Hope you have all enjoyed another wonderfully warm and sunny fall week. Did those of you with kids all survive Halloween? There's a part of me that misses getting to craft costumes but the getting them into them, makeup and all, multiple times then schlepping them around the neighborhood I don't miss. You know what else I miss? Ghosts, and vampires, and all of the other kinds of costumes kids used to put on for Halloween. I don't even recognize what a lot of the kids are dressed as any more. Guess I'm turning into "that" grumpy old lady!

This Week I'm:

Listening To: NW still; I'm about two-thirds of the way through it now and enjoying it much more. Knocked out a couple of podcasts during workouts and on our trip I introduced The Big Guy to "Hamilton."

Watching: Baseball, football, and The Voice. The Cubs win made a lot of people in my family very happy so that made us happy.

Reading: Hoping to finish Fingersmith in the next day or so; not much reading time lately. Next up, for book club, is Lauren Groff's Fates and Furies.

Making: I froze three quarts of homemade tomato soup, two quarts of apple slices, five containers of apple butter and 1 quart of applesauce. I'm fired up to get some more soups made and frozen for the winter - love looking into my freezer and seeing so many things ready quick, delicious meals.

Planning: On doing a purge and sort of paperwork. Because, somehow the title to Mini-me's car has vanished from the file where we keep "very important papers" and he needs to get his car licensed in his new state. I can't tell you how little I'm looking forward to sorting through every single piece of paper in the house to find where it got filed by accident.

Thinking About: My bed. Two nights in a bed that's not ours, that's only a double, and two five hour drives in three days has me tired.

Enjoying: The weekend with family, getting to meet The Princess, have some of our favorite pizza, and enjoy a couple hours at one of my brother's and his wife's favorite vineyards (which blessed us with a magnificent sunset as we left).

Feeling: In love! I'm officially nicknaming my new great-niece The Princess because that little lady can bring a roomful of adults to a standstill to coo and ah over her. Miss H repeatedly threatened to tuck The Princess into her purse and bring her home (which gives me hope that Miss H might yet reconsider her statement that she is never going to have kids).

Looking forward to: A quiet week. Because that's how this introvert recharges her batteries.

Question of the week: I'm still looking for book club ideas for next year. What was the book you read this year that most made you want to talk about it with other people?


  1. The Princess indeed! She's beautiful!

    Enjoy your quiet week. I know exactly what you mean about needing to recharge your batteries!

  2. The Princess is a very fitting nick for such a sweet little face!

    Books for book club... The book that I read this year that I really felt the need to talk to people about was Behind Closed Doors but it wasn't literary or high brow in any way. You know? But, I do think your club could discuss it from the domestic violence point of view. Under the Influence by Maynard was pretty good and I totally wanted to discuss that one. Fates & Furies too. We discussed that one and there was so much to say.

  3. I'm a grumpy old lady, too. Since my hubby was teaching, I decided to skip handing out candy alone and went back to work for a few hours. I left all the house lights off, so hopefully nobody rang the doorbell. Annie-dog didn't seem upset when I got home, so I'm sure all was quiet.

    We had a car title missing once, too. We discovered it several months later (after getting a new copy from the DMV) in our scanner. Don't remember why we were making a copy, but there it was. Now, whenever something goes missing, we joke about checking the scanner. Hope you find yours soon!

    Book club recommendations - Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris; The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey; The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult; Be Frank with Me by Julia Claiborne Johnson; and Leveling the Playing Field by Rod Scher :)

    Did you watch the Husker game? Pretty scary when Armstrong got injured. Terrible game all the way around. :(

    Have a good week, Lisa!

  4. First off, yuck to sunny (and too warm) Fall weather. lol Thank goodness this week is going to be a lot cooler. I'm ready for festive weather.

    Okay, what's NW? I'm curious. I know it's probably obvious (and if I'd visited recently, I'd know, right? Bad me), but I can't figure it out. I just finished listening to Dracula last week. Now I'm getting ready to listen to a new recording of A Christmas Carol and The Night Before Christmas sent to me for review. I'm really looking forward to it.

    Congrats on your great niece! She's a beauty. I'm getting ready to have another one (I say grand niece) on 11/29. This will be number five in the grand nieces and nephew department!

    Book club suggestion, if you haven't already read it. The Mountain Story by Lori Lansens. We read it for TuesBookTalk a few months ago. It was really good.